Discovering the Best in You

Since 2008

Vision & Mission & Values 

Our Vision:
To be an endless source of positive energy that inspires dancers to achieve technical excellence in dance and their full potential in life.

Our Mission:
To make disciplined dance instruction fun through love, community and creativity.

Core Values

Dance begins with love…unconditional love for dance, for the teachers who inspire us, for the dancers who amaze us, and for the families who support the passion.

We respect the art of dance, our dancers and each other. We expect the highest level of professionalism from our teachers, staff and students. We respect the energy our community puts into dance education and we strive to give back an impeccable experience.

Dance is for everyone. We create an open environment where everyone feels supported and not judged. We have robust programs for every level student and we showcase all our dancers.

Our music moves us, our choreography challenges us and our teaching innovations engage us.  Each teacher brings his or her own unique approach to the studio. There‚Äôs a fresh twist to every single class. Every dance number of every performance is its own, original work of art.

We take technique very seriously. We apply our well-rounded curriculum and assessment tools consistently across all classes to ensure every student is progressing safely, confidently and joyfully.

Performance is a critical element of dance education. We commit to giving our dancers as many varied opportunities as possible to experience the thrill of it.

We select and cherish professional dance instructors who are technically excellent, creatively talented and energetically inspirational. In addition to being phenomenal teachers, they are beautiful role models to our dancers. They make a personal connection with each student, help celebrate success, learn from mistakes, and grow.

It‚Äôs more fun to experience dance together and we encourage our dancers to become friends.  We know that dance can foster friendships that last well beyond our years in the studio.

We are living proof that serious dedication, hard work and commitment can be FUN!