Q: When is Tuition Due?

A: Tuition is due by the 1st and late after the 5th. A $15 late fee will be charged to the account on the 6th of the month.  

Q: How do I pay my tuition?

A: https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/starstruckstudios will give you access to your online parent portal.  You may also visit the office and pay via cash, ACH, credit or debit card, as well as Venmo @Starstruck5678. 

Q:  What does my child wear to Tumbling Class?

A:  Have hair pulled back for all Tumbling Classes.  Please be sure that your shirt will not fly above your head or be baggie.  A tight fitted tank top or t-shirt works great.  Shorts should be full coverage and not show underclothing while stretching or moving.  Leggings are also a great option.  Street shoes are not allowed on the tumbling mats. 

Q:  What does my child wear to Dancing Class?

A:  Have hair pulled back for all Dance Classes.  Starlet kids wear leggings and a leotard, a skirted leotard, tank top and shorts or fitness wear that is tighter fitting.  Hip Hop classes can wear sweats.  Please no street shoes on the dance floors.  You may bring a clean pair of tennis shoes to wear in class that have NOT been worn outside or have been cleaned off prior to use on the dance floors.  Bare feet or socks will work for all dance classes.  You may also ask the office about how to get involved with the "SHOE BOX" option.  

BALLET CLASSES:  Dancers in Ballet Classes should have pink ballet tights, Black Leotard and Pink Ballet Shoes. Ballet skirts and legwarmers may also be worn in ballet class. Ask the office if you need assistance with dancewear.  

Q:  Can we have a drink in class?

A:  WATER ONLY in both dance rooms and tumbling space. Students may bring a LABELED spill-proof water bottle to class.  Please be sure to keep track of your items.  Starstruck is not responsible for lost or left items.  Water bottles can be refilled at our water fountain in the back area. 

Q:  Can we bring snacks to class?

A:  Snacks may be left in your CUBBY space, in your dance bags.  Please remind your students to clean up after themselves.  If they spill, clean it up or ask the staff for help.  NO FOOD IN TUMBLING OR DANCE ROOMS.

Q:  How do I drop off my student?

A:  Drop off is located in the front of the studio.  You can either park your car and walk your student into the studio.  You may also pull up to the front and allow the to get out of your car AT THE SIDEWALK.

Q:  How do I pick up my student?

A:  For pick up you can wait in your car by lining up along the sidewalk area.  Your student will exit the studio and walk along the sidewalk to enter your car.  The other option is for you to park your car and walk into the studio to get your student.  Please DO NOT ask your student to cross the parking lot to come find your car. 

Q:  What should I do while my student is in class?

A:  Parents and/or Guardians may either wait in the lobby or leave the building during classes.  We are a DROP AND GO location and invite you to ENJOY your away time while we care for and teach your students.

Q:  May I watch classes?

A:  We do allow parents to watch classes.  Observation through the viewing windows is available the FIRST WEEK of the month during the LAST 15-minutes of the students class time.  Tumbling observation may be done along the walk-way ONLY.  Please do not enter the classroom unless the teacher invites you to come in to watch LIVE.

Q:  When are Costume/Contract payments Due?

A:  Contract payments are due in JULL by January 15th.

Q:  When will we receive our costume(s)?

A:  For Company Teams, you will receive your costumes mid to the end of February.  Starlet Teams will receive their costumes the 2nd week of May prior to year-end recital.

Q:  How can I be added to the Studio private BAND APP for Parent communication?

A:  Visit the QR Corner in the main lobby to gain access to all of our Social Media and correspondence platforms.

Q:  When are competition and performance dates announced?

A:  Competion and Performance dates can be found on our CALENDAR page.  Dates are updated regularly and should be available no later than October 15th. 

Q:  When is the year-end Recital?

A:  Year-end recital is the typically the last week in May.  All recital details will be given out in March/April with the Recital Handbook.  Watch the studio Newsletters, Emails and BAND APP for updates throughout the season. 

Q:  Should I notify the studio when my student will miss class?

A:  YES!  Please let us know so we are able to tell their teachers.  Let us know as far in advance as you can.  There may be a make-up class option if you let us know ahead of schedule.

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

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