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Company ~ Competition Teams

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ALL Performance Teams
Dancers will audition doing technique, turns, leaps, jumps, splits and choreography that would be age and level appropriate.   Dancers will then be placed on one of our Competition Teams.  The hours listed are approximate hours per week that the dancers will take.  This includes ballet, jazz, contemporary hip hop, jazz technique and show team class if applicable. 

~ Supa Stars - (*3 - 6 years old and 3 - 5 hours per week)
~ Glitter Stars - (*6 - 9 years old and 5 - 7 hours per week)
~ Shooting Stars - (*7 - 10 years old and 6 - 8 hours per week)
~ Junior Premier - (*9 - 13 years old and 7 - 9 hours per week)
~ Senior Premier - (*10+ years old and 8 - 12 hours per week)
~ Little Stars (1 hour Separate Auditioned Team for our younger Stars)

~ Rising Stars (1 hour Separate Auditioned Team for our tween Stars)
~ Ultimate Stars (1 hour Separate Auditioned Team for our older Stars)

     *ages are approximate, Teams may be created based on ability and not strictly by age. 

If you are/were unable to make our Competition Team Placement date (early June) - NO WORRIES.  Please call the office (801)779.3613 for a private audition appointment with the Directress/Manager.

As a Competition Team member you have chosen a dedicated team that consists of qualified dance and tumbling instructors.  We focus on technique, terminology, self-esteem, determination, and creating wonderful memories for our students.

Starstruck Competition team is an elite competition group of dancers (ages 3-19).  The team participates in several dance competitions each year in the Northern Utah Area and every other year in Southern Utah (St. George). 

Team Auditions are held annually at the beginning of the Summer.  Competition Team classes are categorized based on age and ability.  Each dance team is trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Character.  The teams meet three to eight hours per week. 

The Competition Team is a close group of girls (sometimes boys too) who grow to love and support each other through dance.  Our team is well trained and our studio has received countless “Best Studio” awards.  We have recently won BEST OVERALL Intermediate Team, Best High Point Beginning Team, and Overall BEST OF SHOW.  

We teach our dancers to Dream Big, Sparkle More, Shine Bright and help us DISCOVER THE BEST in them. 

The team schedule and competition information are updated regularly.  We have a private BAND APP Group for our competition families to use for communication.  Please contact us if you would like to be added to the group.  It is very helpful.  

Our Competition/Auditioned Teams at Starstruck Studios offer a fun learning environment challenging each student to the very best of their abilities. Teams will compete at 3 to 5 competitions each year, traveling, charity events, dance workshops and more. 

Competition Team Contract is based on your specific team (see tuition and fees for detailed explanation of costs).  Contract includes costume, shoes, tights and accessories if applicable.   Does not include pointe shoes, competition warm ups, travel bag, make-up etc.  

Ultimate Stars Contract is a 1 hour class potentially 2x's per week. Auditioned class that typically performs Contemporary or Character routines.  Will compete at 3 - 5 competitions as well as recital. 

Rising Stars Contract is a 1 hour class potentially 2x's per week.  Auditioned class that typically performs Character/Contemporary or Jazz routines.  Will compete at 3-5 competitions as well as recital. 

Little Stars Contract is a 1 hour class potentially 2x's per week. Auditioned class that typically performs Character or Jazz routines.  Will compete at 3 - 5 competitions as well as recital.

It is our hope that the quality of service we offer at the studio will warrant your highest compliments and praises to others that may have a desire for fun dance and tumbling experiences.

Thank you again for the confidence you have placed in us.  We look forward to Discovering the Best in You!

Competition Team Warm Ups~ Warm ups are fitted for each student and take 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Warm Ups will be $50.00 for the Jacket and includes Studio Name on Back of Jacket and Dancer Name on front of Jacket. Starstruck Logo Leggings can be purchased to go with the Warm Up Jacket for $25.00.  Any additional requested locations for print will be an additional $5.00 per request/per location.  i.e. last name on pants etc. 

ATTIRE IN CLASS ~ During classes students typically come in bare feet.  Street shoes are not allowed on the dance floors, tumbling mats or tumble track.  Students must be in ALL BLACK dance attire.  May wear leggings, leotards, spankies, full length tank tops or a tighter t-shirt.  Shorts should be a full cover and not show underclothing while stretching or moving.  

Ballet Requirements~ Our incredible ballet program offers beginning through advanced levels.  Each class sets the stage for beautiful ballet discipline.  From 3 years old to 18 years old - our Ballet is Supreme. Our classes range from a one hour class to a 90 minute class.  Ballet is one of the oldest dance forms and is an important asset to any young dancer. Ballet not only builds the foundation needed to become a strong technical dancer, but more importantly a safe dancer. Students will develop their dance technique, flexibility, body awareness and discipline, through this graceful and beautiful form of dance. 
     Goals: To learn the positions of the feet and arms, proper  ballet technique, technical vocabulary, balance, flexibility and pose in a non-traditional

     yet successful ballet setting.
     Activities:  Stretching, Centre Exercises, Across the Floor, Games, Dress Up, Creative Play, Choreography, Free Dance
          2.5-5yrs - Form fitting clothing, tutu’s are fine, hair pulled back with bangs off the face, pink ballet slippers.

          5.5yrs+ - Tights or leggings with a tank top or body suit (form fitting clothing), simple ballet skirt is fine, hair and bangs pulled back off the face

          in a bun or pony tale, must have pink ballet slippers.